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The Hawai'ian Bible

Hawaiian Bible

Ka Baibala Hemolele is the Bible in the Hawaiian language. It was translated in the 19th century.

The Message Bible

The Bible in conversational language which preserves its authentic, earthy flavor and expressive character. It was translated in 1993-2003 by pastor and poet Eugene Peterson.

Da Good An Spesho Book

The Bible in native creole Hawaiian pidgin, a dialect born from the fusion of Japanese, Ilocano, Okinawan, Korean, English, Cantonese, Portuguese and Hawaiian languages. Translated by 29 scholars from 1987 to 2020.

LOL Cat Bible

The Bible in the slang popularized by the LOLcat internet phenomenon. Jesus is “Happy Cat,” God is “Ceiling Cat” and you-know-who is “Basement Cat.” The Holy Spirit is “Hover Cat.” Blessings are “cheezburgerz” and people are “kittehs.” Translated in open source by numerous scholars since 2007.

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Recommended Reading

The Surrender Experiment

Autobiography of a Yogi

Conversations with God

Awakening to Oneness

God Struck Me Dead

Man's Search for Meaning

Mutant Message

Angels In My Hair: The True Story of a Modern Mystic

A Message of Hope
from the Angels

Maybe More An Artifact: A Collection of Too Many Thoughts

Spirit Soundings I: Sailing into a Hazardous World

Spirit Soundings II: The Patriot's Call

Spirit Soundings III: Returning to America

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