Celebrating the dream of your soul.

Spiritual Coach Vicky Lee

Spiritual Coach

Vicky Lee

A Dean’s Fellow at Harvard Divinity School, I became the first Asian American in history to be ordained in the historically Black A.M.E church, where I am an elder, deacon and minister. Assigned as the Pastor to Hale Ho’onani church in Honolulu, Hawai’i in 2020, I serve God by serving you, the people who want to fulfill the dream of their soul and the calling of God that lives in everyone’s heart. I am here to help and we are celebrating online every Sunday. Please join us. Together, we grow.

To learn more about my history and education, please read my story.

Celebrate with Us! Together, We Grow

Hale Ho’onani means House of Praise in the Hawai’ian language. We are innovating the traditional church and expanding our perception. We are co-creating a spiritual space where people can connect to themselves and others in a new way. We are evolving to hear and experience God speaking directly to us within and in our life experiences.

Sunday Service

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday we gather on Zoom for an hour of celebration with God in you and in all that is.


If this ministry provides you with spiritual value, please support us with your time, talents or treasure.

Wisdom School

The Hawaii Wisdom School dives deep into the spiritual realities of your soul's life purpose.

You're Invited on 1st & 3rd Sundays

Sundays begin with a new word or phrase in the Hawaiian language. Then we practice opening up to God and journaling your thoughts, feelings, visions or inspirations. After an exercise designed to help you experience an “Aha!” moment, you’ll realize something about yourself or God that perhaps you didn’t see before. And we integrate this with the relevant Bible lessons for a deeper understanding of parables and ancient wisdom.

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Sunday Service Times

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday
  • Hawaii Time 9 am
  • Pacific Time 11 am
  • Mountain Time 12 pm
  • Central Time 1 pm
  • Eastern Time 2 pm

Candlelight Prayer Ceremony

First Sundays of the Month
  • Hawaii Time 10:30 am
  • Pacific Time 12:30 pm
  • Mountain Time 1:30 pm
  • Central Time 2:30 pm
  • Eastern Time 3:30 pm

Reminders & Replays

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