Tune Into Divine Frequencies: Steps to Hearing God’s Personalized Soundtrack for You


In this thought-provoking video, Pastor Vicky delves into the concept of the “song” playing in the back of our minds, which metaphorically represents our recurring thoughts and their impact on our lives. The video explores how these mental soundtracks shape our experiences and align with God’s purpose for us. Through a three-step process, viewers are guided to identify their own mental songs, understand their significance, and transform them into more positive and sustainable tunes. Pastor Vicky emphasizes the power of thoughts, stating, “Your spirit is playing a song in the back of your mind whether you realize it or not, and it starts with your thoughts.”

Key Insights:

  • The Metaphorical Song:
    The video begins by introducing the idea that everyone has a metaphorical song playing in the back of their minds, which reflects their recurring thoughts. These thoughts can either propel us forward or hold us back. Pastor Vicky uses vivid imagery, comparing thriving individuals in oppressive times to “shining gems in a vast continent of dirt,” highlighting the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Identifying Your Song:
    The first step in the process is to identify the recurring thought that plays in your mind. Pastor Vicky encourages viewers to write down this thought in their journals. For example, Pastor Vicky shares her own recurring thought, “got to get a job,” and relates it to the song Under Pressure by Queen. This exercise helps in recognizing the underlying theme of one’s mental soundtrack.
  • Transforming Thoughts into Songs:
    The next step involves transforming these recurring thoughts into songs. Pastor Vicky explains that God takes our thoughts and turns them into songs, creating a soundtrack for our lives. This transformation can be influenced by the type of music that resonates with the thought, whether it’s grief music, opera, rock and roll, or jazz. Pastor Vicky emphasizes that “Heaven is putting a soundtrack to it,” suggesting a divine orchestration of our life experiences.
  • Analyzing the Song’s Impact:
    Viewers are then guided to analyze what their song represents and how long it has been playing in their minds. Pastor Vicky shares her own experience of feeling pressure and how it led to single-pointed focus. This introspection helps in understanding the energy and impact of the recurring thought on one’s life.
  • Evolving the Song:
    The final step is to evolve the song into something more positive and sustainable. Pastor Vicky provides examples of how different recurring thoughts can be transformed into new, empowering songs. For instance, a thought of dying from cancer can evolve into a song about savoring life and finding beauty in every moment. This process involves recognizing the growth and changes that the recurring thought has brought about and channeling that energy into a new direction.


The video concludes with a powerful message about the importance of being mindful of our recurring thoughts and the songs they create in our minds. By identifying, analyzing, and transforming these thoughts, we can align our mental soundtracks with a more positive and purposeful life. Pastor Vicky’s personal anecdotes and relatable examples make the process accessible and inspiring, encouraging viewers to take control of their mental narratives and create a harmonious life story.

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