What is The Purpose of Divinity?

The Purpose of Divinity

The purpose of divinity is to reflect back to you— who you really are.

What makes you happy or feel positive, the instant that you witness it or see it? Please write it in the comments or your journal and we’ll share with the group.

Yes, those things are still in their divine nature. Whatever contains divinity—makes us happy the moment that we see it. Like your child can make you smile the moment that you turn around. Or a baby penguin. Or nature.

Divinity is a reflection of our purest self.

When we want to be reminded of who we are in our most purest form, we return to our divinity.


In the northern hemisphere where we live, it is winter. Winter is a time of pause, of reflection, of going inward. Animals hibernate. Trees and plants stop growing. Everything is quiet beneath the cold ground or the snow.

Do you notice that a lot of people don’t like non-activity? A lot of people hated the boredom of Covid. They can’t stand it.

So as soon as the world takes a break from the busy autumn season of harvesting— people resist the quiet of winter— and they say, “Hey let’s have a party. Let’s go shopping.” And the pressure is on— to buy gifts, to send out holiday cards, to cook and host and attend events.

This is a time of renewal. To look back at the year that we just lived and process… all that you’ve accomplished and what you learned from that. It’s a valuable time of renewal. But instead of allowing that peace— we feel the pressure of the world — to fill in that space with everyone’s panic — that they will be forced in the quiet of winter— to look at themselves.

It hurts. To think of family members who are gone. Or what we weren’t able to get done this year. And we’d rather distract ourselves then thank ourselves. Please write that in your journal.

Your Divinity

Look at the thing that reminds you most of your purest self.

Write this in your journal: What reminds me of my divinity:________________________________________.

Some of the things we named was: the ocean, your son when he was born, your dog, your cat.

Let’s ask, what is the container of divinity for you— in other words, do you ask these questions to yourself?

Do you go to the ocean and say, “Hey, this year, I noticed you were even more polluted. Didn’t nations dump billions of toxic waste into you?”

Do you go to your newborn son and say, “Hey, you’re 3 months old, now. And you still don’t have any teeth?”

Do you go to your dog and evaluate what he’s done this year, “What are your dreams, Mochi? You want to be a lawyer? Really?”


You have this innate tendency within you to never put down or judge your own divinity. You can’t or you don’t.

You naturally see the ocean and instead of blaming it for being so powerful and not defending itself against pollution, you stand there and you worship it. You take in its majesty.

You tell your son, “You have no teeth. No, you don’t. No teeth! Yeah!”

You say to your dog, “Mochi, okay. You can be a lawyer and I will help you, because I love you.”

You naturally disregard anything about your divinity that is flawed. You don’t even see it. You just see pure happiness.

That is what divinity is. It’s your happiness.

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