Align Your Ego With Your Soul to Attract Money

Align Your Ego with Your Soul to Attract Money

In this video, “Align Your Ego with Your Soul to Attract Money” Pastor Vicky emphasizes the significance of aligning one’s ego with their soul in order to attract money. She discusses how prioritizing your soul’s purpose over ego needs and consistently serving others can hinder financial abundance.

Pastor Vicky suggests engaging in different therapies to heal the fear of money and address underlying fears associated with homelessness, abandonment, and failure. She stresses the importance of embracing the reality of money, including the mundane task of managing it, as it provides stability and fosters personal growth. Additionally, she highlights the need to embrace the inevitable ups and downs of the financial journey, comparing it to riding a wave.

I Am Ready

Pastor Vicky concludes by expressing her readiness to embark on this journey of aligning ego and soul with her church members.

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