Angel Gabriel Visits Virgin Mary, “Gurl!”

Mary is visited by angel Gabriel

When Mary was a young child, 12 years old, an angel came to her and said, “Mary.”

Mary almost screamed out in terror, but the angel slapped his hand over her mouth and shushed her, “Gurl…..”

After Mary recovered from seeing this glorious golden being from outer space— the angel said, “I am not an E.T. an extra terrestrial— okay, I am. I’m definitely not human. I have wings. Gurl, look at my nails. And technically, I did fly here from the stars.

But I am also from God. I come from your heavenly father— you know, the guy that your people have been worshiping for thousands of years. They wrote about him in the Torah. You guys go to synagogue and study the scripture about that guy— God.”

Mary’s kinda getting it. She didn’t think God had angels who looked like this. She had this idea of Judaism— you know, her forefathers, Moses, Jacob, and then an angel shows up and looks nothing like they described in the ancient Hebrew bible.

Gabriel, the archangel, says “I get that all the time. So listen, Mary…you’re gonna have a baby.”

Mary is like, “Uhhhh….nope. I’m not.”

The angel is like, “Yeah, you are.”

Mary’s like, “Nope. I’m not.”

The angel is like, “I am Gabriel, the arch angel, sent here from the throne of God, Elohim, el Shaddai, the Lord most high. You are having a baby.”

Mary’s like, “No.”

Gabriel is like, “Yes.”

Mary’s like, “Mm-mm.”

Gabriel, at this point, checking his notes, “You will have a baby by immaculate conception. A freak of nature, Mary. Just total freakazoid— out of the box— unconventional— not your average baby mama— just weirdo cray cray— nobody’s gonna believe you—super scandalous—“

Mary’s looking at this angel with her eyes all screwed up.

Gabriel’s like, “I’m reading from ancient prophesies. This is in Hebrew. Like, Isaiah— the revered prophet— I’m reading from his notes, Mary.”

Mary’s like, “You had me at ‘gurl,’ then you lost me.”

Gabriel, taking off glasses, considering “Well, yeah. As a divine messenger, I get that a lot… At least you didn’t try to spray hand sanitizer on me.”

Mary’s like, “I’m just a kid. I’m 12.”

Gabriel’s like, “That’s why we chose you.”

Before the world can show you— how they see you— God wants you to see in yourself, a perfect reflection of her. A divine miracle lives inside of you. You will never be, Mary, what the world deems you to be. You will always be, what God created you to become.”

Then he said this to her, “Do not be afraid.”

Most unwed teenage mothers would be looking up the phone number for Planned Parenthood. But not Mary, she was filled with joy and started singing.

Now let’s take a moment to pause here and reflect. If a glow-in-the-dark extraterrestrial came up to you and told you to do some freaky stuff— you’d have some doubts. But if the same E.T. goes up to a child, the child starts to celebrate.

The first instinct of a child is to celebrate what makes them unique. While we as adults— the moment that we know that we’re not like everybody else— fear for our survival.

The first instinct of a child is to celebrate who they are.

The moment they find out— why the world will never accept them as they are cuz day DEE-ferent from everybody else in the whole wide world because a glow-in-the-dark E.T. told them they were inseminated with God’s sperm— they are celebratin’!

That is the not the first reaction of an adult.

Most of your miracles happen when you were a child. Do you remember your first snow fall? Your first kiss? The first time you got a dollar from the tooth fairy? Miracles were everywhere when you were a child.

When you were a child, you welcomed God. And God loved you so much when you were this way.

You are God’s playmate.

You are God’s playmate. That is the design and the purpose of your life: to play with God.

Please write this in your journal: The purpose of my life is to be God’s playmate.

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