Hear Your Pet Talking to You with Samantha Khury

Animal Communicator Samantha Khury Shares Her Process

In this video, Samantha Khury guides viewers through a meditation and prayer exercise to create a safe and receptive environment for connecting with their animals. The meditation involves visualizing a sunset and focusing on a specific color, while the personal prayer asks for an opening of the mind, emotions, and sensory systems to receive the animal’s information. Samantha emphasizes the importance of choosing words that emotionally resonate and reminds viewers that the mind is distinct from the brain, which is responsible for translating sensory information into understanding.

Open Minds

First, Samantha guides the audience through a meditation exercise to open their bodies and minds to receive information from animals. She instructs everyone to close their eyes and take deep breaths, visualizing breathing in life force energy and exhaling stress. She encourages them to imagine a beautiful sunset and let that visual radiate through their bodies, creating a sense of openness and protection. Samantha emphasizes that our bodies are like animal bodies and that with time, we will be able to communicate with all creatures on Earth. The meditation helps participants connect with the souls of their pets and remember moments when these animals made them happy and melted their hearts.

Animals Are Intelligent

Next, Samantha Khury guides the audience through a process to communicate with their animals. She emphasize the importance of acknowledging the personality and intelligence of the animal. Participants are instructed to recall the behavior or action they want to know more about, and then visualize and feel the animal engaging in that behavior. They are advised to enter a neutral space and wait to receive information from the animal, which can manifest as physical sensations or flashes of insight. She encourages participants to make note of these sensations and use them as clues in understanding their animal’s communication. Samantha invites participants to share their experiences and ask questions.

Listening To Your Pet

In a personal revelation, Samantha Khury reflects on the doubt that she used to have about her ability to communicate with animals. She shares that she had to learn to trust herself and her intentions when seeking information from animals. Through prayer and deep desire to understand and help, Samantha discovered that her intention is a powerful tool that allows her to receive truthful information from animals. She also explains that when in a neutral state of mind and body, individuals can pick up on the clarity and messages from animals. By trusting these sensory impressions and sensations, one can confidently receive information from animals. Samantha emphasizes the importance of asking with intention and genuine desire to understand, as this will enable individuals to receive truthful answers from animals.

In the final part of the video, Samantha is interacting with a puppy and a cat named Minnie. She expresses her adoration for the puppy and comments on how sweet the cat is. Samantha mentions that she has to keep her other dog, Smokey, separated from Minnie due to aggression. She suggests discussing the topic of aggression in the future, as it is not just happening among animals but also among humans. Samantha concludes by thanking the audience and mentioning the next week’s session.

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