How do you say “You are blessed” in Hawai’ian?


Our Hawaiian word-of-the week is “pōmaikaʻi” which means “to be blessed.” In other words, to be fortunate, prosperous and lucky,

Please say that with me, sounds like PO-MY-KAI-EE.


To say, “You are blessed, you say po-my-kai-ee OE.”

Oe means “you.”

“pōmaikaʻi oe” means “you are blessed.”

Please say that with me PO-MY-KAI-EE … OE (oy).

PO-MY-KAI-EE … OE (oy)… you are blessed.

Pōmaikaʻi also means to be bestowed with God’s grace, to be highly favored and to have serendipity— meaning to run into good fortune by accident.

So you’re just going along, and if pōmaikaʻi oe— you are blessed — you just Oops! Run into good fortune. Going along… Op! Run into more good fortune. Op! More good fortune.

Wow. Pōmaikaʻi oe— you are blessed!

Sign language (ASL)

The sign language for pōmaikaʻi oe is the same as “bless you.” So you put your fists up to your lips. Then, cascade your blessing down— so you have flat open hands. [see video]

Then, point your finger—

Bless you!

Pōmaikaʻi oe!

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