How to say “I’m ready” in Hawai’ian and ASL

Hawaiian word of the week

Our Hawaiian word of the week is mākaukau, which means “ready.”

Repeat after me, MAH KOW KOW. Makaukau means to be ready, able, competent— skilled, expert, qualified, prepared.

Say it one more time with me, MAH KOW KOW.

ASL Sign language

How you sign this is, you cross your fingers and sweep—

I’m ready! I’m makaukau

Bible verse

Our bible verse today is from Matthew 24:44, which says “Be makaukau”, “Be ready.”

Remember we talked about how your ego loves to stay in your comfort zone. But your soul is ready to go out into the wilderness and live your real life. Your ego might not be MAH KOW KOW, but your soul is MAH KOW KOW.

Makaukau in a sentence

I am going to say 3 statements ending in a question and you answer, “Yes! I’m Makaukau!”

Makuakua? Ready? Ommmm… using my psychic powers, you are about to meet… some powerful co-creators who want to partner with you. Are you ready? Yes, I’m maukaukau!

Wow, I see a bunch of angels around you— they say that they are going to change your life! Are you prepared for that? Yes, I’m Makaukau!

God is saying he wants to give you immense wealth very soon. Do you think you’re capable? Yes, I’m Makaukau!

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