Jesus’ Secret Ministry Included Women and Children

Jesus Challenged Cultural Norms

Pastor Vicky tells how Jesus challenged cultural norms by including women and children in his ministry. In the video, she references a book by Dolores Cannon, accounts from past life regression hypnosis sessions, and the discovery of ancient parchments in Qumran that further support this idea.

Secret Meetings to Protect His Followers

Jesus is depicted as holding secret meetings to protect his followers from enemies, and despite the opposition he faced, he continued to teach and perform miracles. This video also highlights a conversation Jesus had with a little girl, his cousin, who desires to be his disciple and document his teachings. He acknowledges her passion but advises her to listen to her parents. However, he suggests ways for her to attend his meetings discreetly.

The Power of Now

Another transcript excerpt describes a 12-year-old girl who approaches Jesus and asks if she should wait until she’s grown up to participate in a secret meeting. Jesus encourages her to take action now, emphasizing the power of the present moment and promising his support.

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