What did Jesus Know at The Last Supper?

The Last Supper

Now, Jesus knew he was going to go bye-bye. He knew he was going to die. He knew it.

He knew that the cycle of life on earth is that we live and we die and we are reborn again in heaven.

He also knew that the soul does the same thing that the body does. The soul sheds its clothes or what it’s wearing, in order to put on a new outfit.
In other words, your soul —often— throughout your life gives up old identities and takes on new identities in order to evolve.

Jesus told his disciples, “I’m your rabbi or your teacher, now. But soon, I’m going to get promoted to CEO of Life!” Right now, I got the 12 of you guys, plus Mary Magdalene and my mom. But soon, each of you will have thousands of your own followers and one day, millions and then billions. Like grains of sand on the beach.

In order to become that light— that ambassador of LIFE to humanity —I can’t be a rabbi anymore.

They were like, “Rabbit?”

He was like, “No. Rabbi. I can’t be a rabbi, a teacher anymore. I have to be— a savior. ”

They were like, “Wha——?”

He’s like, “Yeah. You know how everyone thought I was a carpenter?”

They were like, “Yeah.”

He’s like, “They kept coming up to me and asking me to build them kitchen cabinets while I was trying to raise Lazarus from the dead? Like remember when I was raising him from the dead— and that lady came by— because she heard I was at his house and she brought me those little knobs because she wanted me to fix her cabinets? And I was like, “Nooo… I don’t do carpentry work anymore. Call Josiah. I’m referring all my old customers to him. I do healing now. Like, see— how I’m raising this guy from the dead?”

And she didn’t get it? She’s like, “But you’re my carpenter?”

“No, I’m a rabbi now.”


“I had to give up my life as a carpenter in order to bring in my new life as a rabbi.”

His disciples were like, “Yeah.”

So Jesus said, “Ok. I’m going to do it again. I’m going to give up my life as a rabbi— to bring in my new life as a savior. And it’s going to be much more DRAMA than just referring my customers to Josiah. It’s going to be really big.

The disciples were like, “How big?”

Jesus is like, “Big. Big. Big.”

“Why so big?”

Jesus continues, “Because I’m giving birth— to new life— not just to myself, but to humanity. I’m going to change the way that people think. Like right now, people think that God is a big cloud or a column of fire like in the Torah, or they think that God is somewhere far away in the sky… but God is here,” and he points to their chest, “inside of you.”

God was always there. God was born inside of you— when you were born.

Your life begets his life

Because you live, God lives.

Do you understand that people used to see me and see a carpenter? Now they see me and they see a rabbi.

The disciples said, “Rabbit?”

Jesus said, “Not rabbit. Rabbi. Soon, they will see me and they will see God.”

Jesus sets an example

Jesus went on… “You know, I have to set an example. I have to go first and then everyone will see that it’s natural— it’s natural for us to be God. Not be like God, but to be God. That’s our natural way of being. It’s so natural, for us to be God.”

The disciples were like, “It’s natural for us to be God?”

Jesus was like, “It’s so so so natural… for us to be God.”

The disciples were like, “How natural is it? Because I don’t feel like God.”

Jesus went on, “It is so natural, sooooo natural. It’s super…. super…natural… for us to be God. It’s supernatural.”

The disciples were like what, “it’s supernatural to be God?”

And Jesus was like, “It’s supernatural for us to be God. Say this out loud with me, ‘It’s super natural for me to be God.’”

It’s Supernatural

The disciples were like, “So you’re going to do this supernatural thing—you’re gonna give up your life — and then as soon as you —like how you stopped being a carpenter, you became a rabbi— as soon as you… give up who you are on this earthly plane— you start to be who you really are— like how you are in heaven, you’re gonna be that way on earth? And then when people see you, they will see God?”

Jesus was like, “Yeah.”

The disciples were like, “okay. One more time.”

You give up who you are on this earthly plane. Like if you’re a carpenter, you give up being a normal everyday carpenter. You become this supernatural carpenter. Like not the carpenter you are on earth, but the kind of carpenter you would be— if you were a carpenter in heaven.

“You’re not like an earthly carpenter. You’re a heavenly carpenter. Like when people see you they see this carpenter that literally must have dropped down from heaven to fix their cabinets— and their cabinets have this energy of love and joy and peace— and every time you go to their house, they feel like God is coming into their kitchen to fix their cabinets for them.”

Jesus is like, “Yes!”

Mary Magdalene is there rolling her eyes, because she knew this like several years ago. And the disciples are like JUST NOW getting it.

Some of the disciples were like, “So whenever you go to someone’s house, they think of you as God— like they know it’s you because it looks like you— but at the same time, they feel like God …works through your hands to fix their cabinets.”

God looks at them, through your eyes.

God is speaking to them, through your mouth.

God is hugging them, with your arms.

God is loving them…through you.

As long as you’re alive, God is living through your body— interacting with the world, as you.

It’s so inseparable.

You and God are one and the same. Body and soul.

Mary Magdalene is like, “Wow. We’ve been with him 3 years and you just now got that? I knew it when I saw him. When I first laid eyes on him, I knew it was God living through this man’s face and this man’s body. I knew his body, that when I touched it, I knew I was touching God inside of this man’s body.”

Jesus said, “It is super … natural … for people to see, feel, hear, touch, and know God— by seeing, feeling, hearing, touching, and knowing — you. People will know God because they know you. When people want to hug God, they can hug you— and feel God hugging them— through your hug.”

The disciples were like, “Wait, wait, wait… What?”

Mary Magdalene was like, “Do you get what he’s saying? When people hug you, they feel like God is hugging them.”

Jesus added, “Because God is hugging them.”

Imagine God stepping into your body and reaching out your arms to hug that person. They feel you for a moment, but then they feel God hugging them.

After I do this big thing— I give up my earthly body —tear it half like a veil—everyone on earth will receive this SUPER… NATURAL… POWER….

To hug people the way that God would hug them.

To love people the way that God loves them.

To say funny jokes the way that God says jokes.

To dance the way that God dances.

To cry the way that God cries when he watches romantic comedies.

It’s super natural for us to be God, but we forget what comes natural to us.

We forgot

We started to identify with our physical bodies. We think we are this body and that when it dies, we die. We have to give up that identity— that we are just this flesh and bone body. And bring in a new identity— our natural identity— that we are God inside of this flesh and bone body.

You are not your body.

You are God inside of your body.

Mary Magdalene was like, “Do you want me to write this down for you guys?”

The disciples were like, “No, no. We’ll write it. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John— can you guys take notes?”

It’s in the notes

Then Jesus said, I want to show people— that there is life after death of the body. I want to show people the truth. That even if you kill this body— you cannot kill me.

I still live. I’m still here, with you, in spirit.

And that love never dies. It only changes form.

So.. uh… I’m gonna be crucified— and then I’ll come right back— okay?

Mary Magdalene was like, “Got it.”

The disciples were horrified. They’re like “What???”

Mary’s like, “Ah! Just read your notes!”

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