What Force of Nature Are You?

Why I’m Not Sweet

I saw this girl on the internet singing and I thought to myself, “Why can’t I be sweet and sing like an angel?”

All of a sudden I heard God say, “I didn’t make you sweet. I made you vicious.”

I asked God, “You didn’t make me sweet?”

God said, “No.” And I think he was chewing gum while he was talking to me, or snacking on something.

He said, “No. I didn’t make you sweet. You’re like— crunchy and addictive— and you make people feel alive and amazing— and then they crash! Too much grease.”

I said, “I’m not sweet, cuz you didn’t make me sweet? You made me salty and crunchy?”

God said, “Yup.”

I’m like, “Why did you not make me sweet? See?” And I pointed to this angelic girl on the internet, “See she has a pretty bow on her head?”

God was like, “No. If I put a bow on your head, you’d look like this.” [YIKES! See video]

God said, “Listen. I can’t make everyone sweet. That’s wayyyy too much sugar in the world. Everyone would have cavities.”

I replied, “So why do I have to be the ugly one or the greasy one or the vicious one? Why I can’t be one of the candy canes— like this chick?”

God said, “Sugar is cheap. Maybe you’re for a more refined palette?”

I said, “Don’t do that. Don’t give me a fake pep talk. Just tell me why I am the way that I am.”

You Are A Force Of Nature

God said, “Remember last week when I told you to do earth, wind, and fire— the elements of nature— or what I like to call the forces of nature? You are a force of nature. That’s how I designed everyone— as a force.”

That was an interesting point. I had to sit there for a few minutes listening to him eat potato chips.

Then, God turned around. The way I knew that was I felt warmth like the sun on the side of my body.

He said to me, “What is your force, Vicky Lee?

Please write in your journal:

God: “What is your force, ____________(your name)?”
Write God asking you, “What is your force?” And then him saying your first and last name.

Whenever God uses your full name when he talks to you, he’s asking you to name yourself. He wants you to name your force. He wants you to give your force a name. Because that is the name of your force.

In other words, “Are you sugar sugar?”

“Oh heck no. I’m the storm that blows your sugar to bits. Watch that bow in your hair!”

Your Forces of Nature

Water represents your emotions.
Air represents your mind.
Fire represents your spirit.
Earth represents your body.
Metal represents your will.
Crystal represents your consciousness.
Flowers represent your blessings.

These are the things given unto you.

My peace, I give unto you.

—John 14:27

These are the forces given unto you— at birth.

You were born as a force— and with forces already within you.

Last week, you practiced using your force and giving your force to Matt and Erin’s baby— you blessed their baby with the forces of the universe which mirrored and reflected the forces within yourself. You ended with “May the force be with you, baby Ora— may my force be forever with you.”

You gave her the force of wisdom, the force of sweetness, the force of longevity, the force of health, the force of joy, the force of peace. Every now and then, you have to pull on one or more of your forces— to save yourself or save someone else.

There are times in your life when you need to pull on your water element— your emotions, to save you.

Other times, you need to pull on your earth element— to ground you.

Other times, you need to use the element of air— to think of a solution.

You are always using a force within you— to create a new situation or to bring about change in your life.

God gave you these forces to show you— that all the forces are necessary.

All the forces work together for your good.

all things are working together for your good

—Romans 8:28

In other words— The force is with you. All the forces are within you— use them, together, for your good.

What Is Your Force?

Let’s take a little bit of time to decide which force do you use the most?

Do you use your…

Water = emotions = compassion, feelings

Or do you show up most in this world as…

Air = mind = freedom, movement

Or are you?

Fire = spirit = passion, rage

Are you?

Earth = body = home, security, ground


Metal = will = ambition, drive, strength


Crystal = consciousness = universal alignment


Flowers = blessings = privilege, resources, good karma

For example, astrologically, I’m all fire and water. I’m full of calmness one minute and full of rage the next minute— and then they cancel each other out.

Chris used to be all metal— he built his empire using sheer force. He wasn’t the smartest, the most talented, the most blessed— he just had the will.

A few minutes ago when God asked you, “What is your force?” And then he said your name— go ahead and answer that in your journal.

“I am_________.”

For example, “What is your force, Vicky Lee?” I am fire and I am water.

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