Why is there So Much Pain in the World?

The Purpose of Pain

The quickest way to turn your Bowl of Light upside down, so all the stones fall out, is to turn your life upside down.

Every time you experience a crisis— you lose your house, you get divorced, your have a major illness, or your pet is sick— it brings you something called pain. Pain feels like all the elements we just talked about— are crushing you.

The earth is crumbling beneath you. The sky is falling. Fire is burning down everything precious to you. Water is drowning you. A metal sword is piercing your soul. The stars are aligned against you. That’s pain.

When Jesus was crucified, he experienced a lot of pain.

The purpose of pain is to make you innocent again.

It’s to erase all your failures, to erase your memories of hurt, to erase all the craziness, the chaos of what was going on in your life, to erase what the world did to you— to erase how people treated you— to erase all the negativity in your system.

The purpose of pain is to erase everything that blocked your Bowl of Light. It doesn’t matter if someone else put a stone in your Bowl of Light, or you put a stone in it. The pain will erase all the stones.

Once it is erased, you become innocent again.

Like a newborn child. Your life feels new. That is your resurrection.

Whenever you are going through pain, you are erasing all the stones that are blocking your bowl of perfect light.

Write this in your journal: The purpose of pain is to erase all the stones blocking my Bowl of Light.

People ask why there is so much pain in the world? The reason is to erase all the bad things that are happening in the world.

Pain is an eraser.

Once the bad things are all erased, innocence and light emerges from the bowl of humanity.

Jesus at Easter

When Jesus was in the garden of Gethesame, he prayed, “Take this cup from me.” It was the cup of humanity and it was full of stones.

Take this cup from me.

—Luke 42:22

Easter— when Jesus died and rose again— reminds you of your cup. No matter how many stones is in your cup, you cannot lose the light that is also in there. You may look in your cup and it’s just rocks. Jesus had a cup full of rocks. You couldn’t see a speck of light in it. But as soon as he turned it over, the rocks fell out— and he was free.

When your life is turned upside down— your rocks are falling out, your chains fall off— you are innocent, free. Then your cup runneth over with light. Easter reminds you that no matter how many rocks are in your cup— Pomaika’i oe— Gurl, you are still blessed.

Where’s my blessing? It’s there.

Well, just take some of the rocks out.

Oh, yeah. I can see it now. Little bit.

Okay, just dump the whole thing— oh! Yeah, there it is!

Jesus didn’t change anything. He just took the rocks out, so that you could see what was already there— it was always there— the whole time.

You were there the whole time… filled with light.

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