A 4-Step Exercise for Deep Manifesting Part 1

Exercises for Deep Manifesting

This video titled “A 4-Step Exercise for Deep Manifesting in 2023 Part 1” introduces a deep manifesting exercise that goes beyond the Law of Attraction. Pastor Vicky emphasizes the need for a mutual, two-way love relationship with the desired manifestation. The example given is developing a love relationship with money to manifest wealth. The speaker also highlights the importance of addressing any negative beliefs or experiences surrounding the desired manifestation, using the example of a woman who wanted love but had negative experiences with men. Pastor Vicky explains that the woman needed to clean her heart and cultivate gratitude for all men in order to attract a healthy relationship.

Get Out Your Journal

The exercise involves writing in a journal and expressing gratitude for a specific real-life example.

Pastor Vicky discusses the importance of fully receiving and savoring moments of goodness in order to manifest desires. She advises the listener to recall a past experience where someone or something from their desired reality was good to them. She encourages the listener to remember the details of that moment, such as the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes, and to fully receive the goodness. Then she compares receiving goodness to accepting a hundred-dollar bill, explaining that when one fully receives and appreciates the goodness, their heart fills with gratitude.

Conversely, if one fails to acknowledge and appreciate the goodness, it’s like leaving the hundred-dollar bill behind. Pastor Vicky further suggests various examples, such as recalling moments of receiving money, being inspired by a beautiful house, or admiring someone’s fulfilling career, and encourages the listener to journal about their gratitude experiences.

A 4-Step Exercise for Deep Manifesting in 2023 Part 2

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