Prenup to Marry Your Wish and Manifest It

A Spiritual Prenup to Marry Your Wish

In “Prenup to Marry Your Wish and Manifest It in 2023” the video discusses the concept of a prenup as a spiritual contract with the universe to manifest one’s desires. Pastor Vicky explains that if you want to marry your wish and have it come true, you need to have a prenup with various “clans” such as the man clan, money clan, house clan, and job clan. She emphasizes the importance of showing what you bring to the table and why these desires should come true, ensuring that you are ready and committed to maintaining a mutual relationship with your manifestations. She discusses the potential benefits and responsibilities associated with each desire, highlighting the need for self-reflection and a deeper understanding of the energy and movement involved in manifesting one’s wishes.

Commitment to Manifesting

Pastor Vicky emphasizes the importance of commitment in manifesting one’s desires. She explains that manifesting is like a marriage, where you need to fully commit and trust that what you want will be enough for you. She opposes the idea of keeping options open or having a Plan B, stating that it indicates a lack of trust in Plan A. She knows that love is enough to provide everything we want, and that by limiting love and not fully committing, we limit our own growth and potential.

Pastor Vicky encourages expanding and allowing love to fulfill all our desires.

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