A Church That Embraces Uncertainty

A New Kind of Church

Welcome to church, a new kind of church. At conventional church, they offer you certainty. The pastor gives you all the answers. At our church, God would never rob you of the beauty of discovering new answers for yourself.

Love is co-creative.

Why use someone else’s limited answer that was born in the past, when you can create unlimited answers born from the present moment?

There are forces in the universe that surround you.

Why would God limit you from harnessing those forces and creating a new answer, an answer that has never been discovered before?

Why repeat something old, when you have the capacity to understand something new?

Why would God rob you of your own creativity?

In conventional churches, they spare you from having to think for yourself. In conventional churches, you are welcome to dumb down and trust someone else besides yourself. In our church, God trusts you… and invites you to be as brilliant as the forces that challenge you and to find the answers that not only solve your life, but help others solve their lives. It’s the process of you becoming a truer, purer, more powerful version of yourself.

In a conventional church, they skip the process, they make it easy. In our church, the process is everything. Because you are everything.

You’re worth the discovery. You’re worth venturing into uncertainty, and finding out— that you are the most unique expression of God— that this world has never seen before. Because you haven’t even seen yourself this way before. God has never seen you this way before.

God has never seen himself, herself and themself expressed through you in this way before. It’s exciting for God to find your voice, to find your vision, to find your moment. You are not allowed to take this moment away from God. The moment of you.

If you’re certain of anything in our church, it’s that you got this.

The divine spark of God within you never loses faith in you.

That divine spark of God within you will call forth the angels and the forces of the universe with its faith— to make sure that God has this— and will do it, through you.

In conventional churches, they stop the process by offering you certainty. In our church, we start the process by opening up your creativity.

In conventional churches, it’s about God, the Bible, the pastor. In our church, it’s about you because to find God you have to find yourself.

Because that’s where God is. God is in you.

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