Church Is Your Personal Space of Love

Your Personal Space of Love

Remember two weeks ago we talked about your space of love? What we are doing every week in our church is co-creating our space of love in order to love— and be loved.

Church is your space of love.

Many people think of “going to church” as going to a church building. In every ancient tradition, indigenous people were so connected to God that everyday and every night was sacred. They didn’t have to “go” to church because the whole world … was church.

There were no wood floors or concrete sidewalks beneath them to keep them from touching the earth. When they laid to sleep at night, their back, shoulders and cheek were sleeping upon the naked bosom of mother earth. With stars twinkling all night long, they were heart-to-heart with the earth. They could feel the mountain beneath them breathing all night long. When they looked up into the sky, they could see Grandfather Sky, his eyes twinkling at them through the stars. Grandfather Sky watched them slumbering, all night long.

Occasionally, the breeze would whisper, “You are safe. You are safe.”

In ancient times, they were no walls separating us. When you looked out into the green and purple hills all you saw was peace. All you had to do was breathe— and you knew that you were loved. Just by breathing, you were living your purpose.

The warm sun on your cheek felt like a kiss. The rustling leaves would say to you, “I am here. I am God. I want nothing from you. Just to love you.”

It was easy to be loved in ancient times because all the earth was our space of love.

Our Earth Was Church

We didn’t have buildings in ancient days when we were living in bliss. The earth was church.

Even now, the forest is church for koala bears.

The ocean is church for fish.

The sky is church for birds.

The mountain is church for lions.

Everything that is a church is sacred.

The koala bears think that their forest is sacred.

The fish think that their ocean is sacred.

The birds think that the sky is sacred.

The lions think that the mountains are sacred.

You Are God’s Church

God thinks that you are sacred. Because you are church, for God.

To God, church is not a building. To God, church is you. God doesn’t go to church. He’s always in church. He’s always in you. You’re his space of love. He designed you as his church so he could pour his love into you every day.

When we come together every Sunday on zoom we are letting ourselves be God’s church. We are allowing him to pour his love into us.

And so shall we be blessed. I swear— so shall we be blessed.

Take In Your Blessing And Be Restored

Take a moment to close your eyes and just take that in. You can hold your Teddy bear if you want. Breathe in and breathe out fully.

Take in your blessing.

Let God pour his love into you like honey wine. Love is pouring into you like an ocean.

As you breathe in and out, just notice… that you are taking the time to let God pour his love into you. Just relax as you take the time to let God pour love into you. While you do this, God is restoring all of your true innocence.

As you do this, God is restoring your childhood sweetness.

As you do this, God is restoring your sexy yes.

God is restoring your sacred flame.

God is restoring your youthfulness. He is making you young again.

That is the meaning of Lent, where you let God restore you.

In Jesus name, we receive your eternal love into our space of love. Amen.

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