Crazy vs Successful. Mommy Makes The Difference

A mommy is someone who believes in you

A mommy is someone who believes in you soooooo much. So much!

She’s like, “Go get ‘em tiger. You got this.”

When your idea is soooooo— new and innovative— you need a Mommy who will back you up and clear the way for your idea to be born.

The Stories of Samantha, Mary and Chris

When Samantha first started talking to animals 40 years ago, the mainstream media compared her to an alien from outer space with abnormal psychic powers. They put her on the cover of a tabloid newspaper, the National Enquirer, right next to a picture of a UFO.

When my mother immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan, she was told women cook, clean and have babies. She said, “Do I look like the Asian American Martha Stewart to you? Do you really want me to cook for you?” Piss off my mother and you will get her special pancakes which require a life insurance policy.

You’re not gonna fit everyone’s idea of who you should be.

Every seed on this planet is borne with a sheathe. It’s a protective sheath to make sure it’s DNA is preserved and doesn’t get warped as it sprouts and grows in unfriendly soil. So when you plant a rose bush, you don’t get daisies. God assigned mommies to be your protective sheath.

When your mommy drops the ball on being your mommy, God sends you mommy angels and surrogate mommies to raise you, and God herself is always your mommy. She protects your crazy ideas. She loves them. They’re original.

When Chris was in college, he was pounding nails as a construction worker and he was making $8/hour and he saw a guy— also in a yellow hard hat, but that guy owned the parking lot of the strip mall they were building. He asked the guy, “Hey man, what’s the difference between you and me. We’re both pounding nails.” The guy who owned the parking lot was worth a couple million dollars.

He said, “I’m not special. But there’s someone in my life who thinks that I am.”

Chris clung to his mother from that moment on. Chris told the only person on the planet who would listen to him— his mother— his ideas about real estate investing. Because that woman believed in him because she thought he’s really cute with his crazy ideas— by the time Chris was 30, he was worth $175 million dollars.

You only need one Mommy.

Since God is your mommy, you always have an extra mommy.

Chris didn’t do it alone. Throughout his career, he had a lot of people who had stars in their eyes, believing in him. They surrounded him with mommy energy. Anytime someone really really supports you, they are sending you mommy energy. Mommy energy is— You can do this, you’re not crazy, you’re an original.

No one can succeed without a mommy. If they do, they stop believing in themselves at some point because whenever you are doing something solely for yourself— eventually, it becomes pointless.

When you do something for someone else— no matter how crazy the idea is— if you do it because you love someone else— like your mommy— it is blessed with magical mommy love that promises— that I don’t just believe in you, now I believe in the whole world.

God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds”

Genesis 9:12-13

It’s the rainbow promise that Mommy God gives to Noah after the flood.

After every rain, there’s a rainbow.

After every midnight, there is a dawn.

After every struggle, there is peace.

Daddies give you security and stability so that you don’t have struggle.

Mommies —get you through the struggle.

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