The Hugeness Of God Is In The Small Things

Sri Murti

As long as you believe and call forth God into an object, God will become that object so that you can touch and relate to him through that object.

In every ancient religious tradition, they know this.


They have ceremonies that celebrate when God’s spirit enters into an object, making it sacred. Those sacred objects are usually placed in a temple or a cathedral and used when they perform baptisms and blessings.

Sri Murti Eats The Food

For example, in India, they have Sri Murti’s— which are pictures or statues of God. Sometimes, they leave food out in front of the Sri Murti and in the morning, there are bites taken out of the food. Or the Sri Murti will suddenly cry or bleed.

Catholic Statues Crying

In Catholicism, there have also been instances of statues weeping or crying, sometimes tears of blood.

Herb Kane

In Hawai’i, we have famous incidences of the paintings of Herb Kane who painted Hawaiian history. The paintings are oil paints on canvas— but suddenly, the people and the boats in the painting would begin moving on their own— like you were watching a movie.

God In The Small Things

These objects are sacred not because they possess special powers, but because God’s spirit has entered into those objects in order to personally connect with you.

God is asking you. You are not asking him.

If you are touching a tree while your heart breaks, the astounding thing about God is he will become that tree— so that he can be the one touching you while your heart breaks.

I think that one thing we don’t get about God because we assume he is sooooo huge, is that the hugeness of God can only be experienced in the most miraculously small things. We experience the hugeness of God in the most miraculously small things.

Because God is God having a deeply human experience.

When you were a little kid and you carried your binkie everywhere you went, God was inside your binkie, so happy that you were carrying him everywhere you went.

God can love you through that object— like how Catherine is loved by her Snoopy.

God can listen to you through that object— like how my mother’s flowers listen to her complain.

God can speak to you through that object— like how Sofia reads her Buddhist meditation books.

God can be inside of everything you touch because that is how God connects with you.

God in All Things

Koala bear was listening to a love song and his heart was breaking so he asked me to hold him. And I realized that it wasn’t Koala bear. It was God. God wanted me to hold him while his heart was breaking.

So often, we are the ones asking God to be bigger or stronger than we are, so we can rely on him when we are weak.

But God is in the earth. Although we are smaller than the earth, we are meant to care for the earth.

God is in the sky. Although we are smaller than the sky, we are meant to make sure it is clean and not pollute it.

God is in the ocean. Although we are smaller than the ocean, we are stewards of the seas.

We should protect and care for all the objects where God places his spirit— so that God can continue to love us, listen to us, speak to us and touch us— through the things around us.

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