How Can You Tell if Helping Someone is Good or Bad?

Is Helping Someone Good or Bad?

In this video, “How Can You Tell if Helping Someone is Good or Bad?,” Pastor Vicky discusses the distinction between love and lust, using the story of Samson and Delilah as an example. She emphasizes that love and lust can initially appear identical, like a diamond fantasy and a glass fantasy. However, over time, the truth will be revealed and what lies beneath will remain. Samson’s downfall came when he started saving people for egoistic reasons instead of pure intentions. She stresses that the same actions can either make someone a hero or a zero, depending on the motivations behind them.

Partners or Parasites

Pastor Vicky then refers to church members as professional rescuers who have spent their lives helping others. She highlight the importance of discerning whether their rescue efforts will transform the person they are helping into a partner or a parasite. She then concludes by expressing that sometimes the best way to help people is to not help them, and that wisdom comes with age and understanding when and how to offer assistance.

Good Intentions

In the final part, Pastor Vicky reflects on her past experiences of helping others and how it shifted from being a genuine desire to a parasitic expectation. She explains that love and help should be a choice, not an obligation or duty, and that it is important to maintain a balance. She urges the viewer to assert their boundaries and remind others that they are not always available to help, but if the opportunity to help someone is meant for them, it will come back around.

Your Own Hero

Ultimately, the speaker emphasizes the importance of being their own hero by choice.

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