Christian Narcissism vs Oneness with God

A New Kind of Church

Welcome to a new kind of church. In a conventional church, you learn theology, or bible stuff. In our church, you learn consciousness, or God stuff.

There are three ways that churches typically relate to God— and then Hale Ho’onani offers the fourth way.

The Four Ways of Relating To God

As A Victim

On one end of the spectrum, there is a big distance between God and me. God is everything. I am nothing. God has everything. I have nothing. God is all powerful. I am powerless. How many of you have heard this in church?


On the other end of the spectrum, we flip the roles. There is a bishop, pope, pastor or preacher whom people believe is closer to God than everyone else. That person says I am like God or I am God, and you are nothing. I have all authority of God. You have no authority of God. I am spiritually powerful. You are spiritually powerless. This church is the son of $$$.


In the middle of the spectrum, there is compromise. God is sharing what he has with us. We all share with each other. We share everything. We budget out all our resources and distribute them equitably. No one has everything. No one has nothing. No one has all the power. No one is completely powerless. We compromise.


When we include the whole spectrum, everyone is God. Within you and within God— exists the entire spectrum. All the way from having nothing and being nothing… to having everything and being everything. Within you and within God is this capacity to traverse the entire spectrum from powerlessness to powerfulness and back again. This is our range as co-creators. We can do this alone. We can do it together. We can do with God and as God. We don’t have to live our lives just as a victim, or just as a narcissist, or just sharing with everyone. We can do it all, all at the same time, one at a time, or in no time. We can be everything and nothing. This theology is called Oneness.

In conventional Christianity, there is one way to be Christian. In our church, there are a million ways to be God— and you are the million ways of being God. In your life, you will express your Godhood in a many different and unique ways. We welcome all the ways in which you choose to be God.


In summary, there are four ways Christians relate to God. Do you see how each one cultivates a different relationship with God?

In the first one, you must believe that you are a victim.

In the second, you must believe in a narcissist.

In the third, you must compromise.

In the fourth, you must be “one” with God.

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