Hawai’ian Prayer for Abundance

E Ko Makou Makua

In this video, the “Hawai’ian Prayer for Abundance,” Pastor Vicky teaches what is commonly known as The Our Father as a Hawaiian prayer of abundance. The prayer begins with a request for blessings and goodness for the day, followed by a plea for abundance. The concept of abundance is described as blessings upon blessings, making it “over the top.” The prayer continues by asking to be surrounded with love and shown positivity, and to purify the heart or “pico” with goodness. Guidance and strength in righteous actions are also sought, as well as cleansing of the spirit by upholding the laws. The prayer concludes with a request to bring forth blessings and goodness in the world.

Next, Pastor Vicky introduces a song called “Koali” by slack-key guitarist Jim “Kimo” West that represents the crashing waves into the sea in Maui. She invites viewers to imagine their ancestors and loved ones who have passed away coming to bless them with their life. Then she leads a prayer for abundance, asking for blessings, goodness, and guidance while emphasizing the importance of positive thoughts and righteous actions. She goes on to encourage viewers to continue breathing deeply and envision themselves on a cliff overlooking the ocean as the powerful prayer in Hawaiian is recited.

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