How to say “Happy Halloween” in Hawai’ian and ASL

Hau’oli la Heleui

Our Hawaiian word of the week is “Happy Halloween” which is pronounced Hauʻoli Lā Heleuī (how-oh-lee lah hello-wee)

Hau’oli is “happy.”

La is like the word “the.”

Heleui means “jack-o-lantern,” like a Halloween pumpkin.

So let’s practice saying that.

Sign Language (ASL)

Hau’oli = Happy

The way you sign Hau’oli which means happy is you take your palm and brush it up your torso. [see video]

Heleui = Halloween

How you sign Heleui is you do peek-a-boo with your hands twice. [see video]

Or you can make a V with the fingers of both hands and peek-a-boo with them.

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