The First Valentine’s Day in the Garden of Eden

The First Valentine’s Day

The first valentine day was in the Garden of Eden. Garden of Eden was like Spring on Steroids. That place was like Valentine’s Day for the Las Vegas Strip. I mean, there were garlands of purple flowers hanging from tree branches. Like, Princess Eugenie’s wedding could not have rivaled the Garden of Eden.

If you wanted to mate, this was the place. It was practically misted with pheromones all day long. The drops of morning dew sparkled like diamonds off of stalks of golden wheat. It was ridiculously pretty.

Adam is walking around the garden. The blades of grass are like mink fur glowing emerald green under his toes. He’s kinda bored. Because he doesn’t work, like he doesn’t need a job, everything is provided for him. So, what’s he gonna do?

I mean, it’s pretty— but he doesn’t feel… what’s the word— fulfilled. He’s like, “Everything is pretty. Like the whole entire place is one giant spring time.”

God is like, “Yeah. Do you like it? Can’t get any prettier!”

Adam is like, sigh, “Yeah, everything is pretty.”

God notices that Adam feels empty. That’s God’s first lesson in humanity.

Perfection doesn’t equal happiness.

Because If I’m perfect, what do I need you for? And that being perfect, being number 1, means being alone. It also means, there’s no room to grow.

So God is like, “Crap. I should’ve made Adam imperfect. So that he would need something or someone— and that something or someone— would make him happy. They could make each other happy.” So God, gets on his iPad and he tries to redraw the human race.

Here’s Adam: perfect, alone, and bored.

Here’s Adam 2.0: Imperfect, which drives him into mating season and happiness.

Then, God looks up with this revelation— “Oh…. I’m supposed to make humans imperfect. Otherwise, they have no reason to need and therefore love one another— the way that I love them.”

And in that moment, God decided, that he himself would take a part of himself— and also become imperfect… because God wanted to experience this incredible magic that comes with needing someone, and longing to love them and be loved in return. God wanted to experience love until it broke his heart. Because that was the ultimate reason for spring— to be awakened to love.

So that’s when God decided to create winter— at first there was just one season— perfection— and then God said, “Oh no, I need a wilderness outside of the Garden of Eden.” Get this. Here’s God’s sketch on his iPad.

After this long cold hard winter— you awaken to bursts of warmth and effortless spring.

After the rain, you have the rainbow.

After the midnight, you have the dawn.

After the lonely heartache, you have the loving embrace.

Making everything in the world, half of its potential— will cause it to seek its other half out in the world… and this creative dance will make the world go round. That’s when God created yin and yang.

The cosmic dance that makes the world chase its tail.

Round and round, we chase each other in our quest for love. It’s romantic, it’s silly, it’s fun, it’s not perfect. It’s totally based on all of us being imperfect. True love can only be possible if all of us are imperfect.

Please write this in your journal:

True love is only possible when I am not perfect.

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