Valentine’s Day Awakens Us to Love in the Spring

Spring Is Mating Season

Valentine’s Day falls on Feb. 14, the hearkening of spring. In nature, spring is mating season.

All the animals get playful and start singing, howling at the moon, and they begin to co-create the world again through having cubs and chick-lets, pollinating flowers, rolling around in the sun. Did you notice that?

Did you notice that Valentine’s Day falls right near the start of springtime?

The Purpose of Spring

The purpose of spring is to remind us that after a dark cold winter, the warm sun shines again. After the rain, there is a rainbow.

Sadness prepares us for joy.

After the snow, there are flowers and peaches. Starvation prepares us for appreciating nourishment.

After rest, there is play. Boredom and nothingness are necessary for our creative juices to replenish themselves.

Awakening to Love

King Solomon said there is a season for everything. Spring is our season to awaken. After our winter sleep, spring is when we wake up.

And the first thing we wake up to— are birds chirping, warm breezes blowing, the sun gently shining, the smell of flowers, the sweet nectar of fruits— are our senses…..

Spring is a time when our bodies awaken to our senses.

Out of a deep winter slumber, we awaken to our body’s senses as we awaken to nature celebrating all her senses— her smell, her sight, her touch, her taste, her hearing….

And that’s what we associate with Valentine’s Day— an awakening to love.

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