God Is In The Trenches With You

Partners in Life

I believe that you are God are partners in this life. The best partners are eye-to-eye— they’re equals.

They learn together.

They grow together.

They make mistakes together.

They get caught together.

One is not better or less than another.

They might be different, but they’re equal. They’re in it, together. They’re in the trenches together.

Here’s an analogy. If you are a soldier on the front line of a war with bombs exploding over your head and bullets being fired at you, the guy who is going to save you isn’t President Biden. It’s not your senator. Or even a Navy Seal or Delta Force pilot in a helicopter. It’s the guy right next to you who is in the trenches with you.

Why? Because if you die, he dies. If you live, he lives. He’s the one who cares the most if you live or die. Because he’s with you. He’s in the same situation you are. And you and him— are equals.

That’s you and God.

God isn’t on some cloud 20,000 feet in the air. He’s in the trenches with you. He’s right next to you. You live, he lives. You die, he dies. He’s the one who cares the most.

So if you have a rock— a reason that you think you’re not lovable— or if you have a chicken— someone in your life who is secretly jealous of your happiness— you ask God to remove that rock or that chicken. But probably, because you’re both in the trenches together— it makes more sense for you and God— to remove the rock or get rid of the chickens together.

Meaning, instead of praying, “God, please get rid of this jealous person out of my life.” Instead commit to, “God, let’s you and I do this together— together we are going to set some boundaries so that everything good that we’re trying to build isn’t ruined.”

Like, “God, I commit to not letting chickens come in and ruin everything we worked so hard together to create. And God, you commit to not letting me— let the chickens back in, once we set our boundaries.”

You are God are a team. You do this together. So that love can grow in the field of your heart.

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