Everyone Loved Adele’s Misery, But She Wanted To Be Happy

Adele Wants To Be Happy

Once upon a time there was this girl who grew up poor, like on a street next to a sewer. She was sooooooo unhappy, that she just couldn’t contain herself— she started belting out these songs.

Well, her name was Adele. And the unhappier she was, the better she sang.

People loved it when she was unhappy. They were touched in their soul.

One day, she was sitting there rich, famous and successful— and she thought to herself— “Why do I have to be so unhappy? I no longer live in the sewer. I can afford plastic surgery.” So she went to her business managers and said, “I want to lose the weight. I want to be happy. I’m Adele. I deserve it.”

They were like, “W-w-w—w-w why would you want to do that?”

She says, “I want to be happy.”

They were like, “Who wants you to be happy? No one wants you to be happy. Everyone wants you to write another hit song.”

She’s like, “I want to be happy.”

They’re like, “You’re like 1 person. There’s almost 8 billion people on the planet. Do the math. They matter more than you matter. Humanity— needs you to sing. And you can only sing the way that you sing when you’re unhappy.”

Adele said, “Doesn’t God want me to be happy?”

Her business managers were like, “Does he though? I mean you were born near a sewer for a reason. So that you would belt out those songs.”

Adele is like, “What are you saying?”

They were like “Great artists… in order to fulfill their purpose for the sake of the humanity… you know, they take one for the team— in order to leave a really really big love print. If we take away your misery— we don’t have enough pressure to make a diamond. We just have a skinny lump of coal.”

Do you want to be a happy lump of coal or do you want to be a sorrowful sacred heart who turns into a diamond?

So Adele did both. She became a lump of mute coal for 5 years while she married this guy.

Turns out he was a gold digger and betrayed her. She was so shattered, that she gathered every lump of coal inside of herself and in one fell swoop— she had a major pity party— and from that well of self-pity she was able to sing, again.

Diamonds Are Made From Coal

Diamonds are not made from diamonds. They are made from coal.

Pearls are not made from pearls. They are made from dust.

Great singers are not made in Carnegie Hall. They are made in the sewer.

A big love print is not made from comfort. A big love print is from love so real, it hurts to love someone that much and you love them, anyways.

When you endure hardship… you’re the dust inside of the clam shell— who hasn’t yet figured out that you’re in there— cuz Mother Nature had the bright idea that she wanted to turn you into a pearl.

You’re the lump of coal in the ground with a migraine— because you’re being pressurized into a diamond.

You’re in the sewer because your vocal cords need to develop the range it takes to fill every corner of Carnegie Hall.

When you have suffered from a life of selflessness… following the love prints of Jesus— which are on the ground right in front of you— and you’re asking, “God where are you leading me to?”

God would say to you, “Look behind you.”

You would see that it doesn’t matter where you’re going— it’s the masses of people who are following you that matter.

They are following your love prints.

And they see a north, a star lighting their way— they are following your sacred heart.

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