Jesus’ Love Print on the Shroud of Turin

King Herod

A long time ago, there was this jolly wolly King. And his name was Herod the Great. And he was happy happy happy. All the time, he had food, he had wine. He had lots of friends. He had it all.

But he had no love prints. Zero. None. He just enjoyed life!


His neighbor— who lived right on the other side of town— was this dude everyone was always talking about— Jesus. Jesus was always crying. He was super super sad. Sooo so so sad. All the time! He was always sad!

Every time they tried to paint his portrait, he was crying. So they called him the song of sorrow. The sorrowful Christ.

The thing about Jesus was— everywhere he went, he left love prints.

He once went to a bakery to get bread to feed beggars— and as soon as he touched the bread— it expanded. It fluffed up. People would get in line after Jesus left— to touch the counter at the bakery— Cuz they wanted to touch his love prints.

Everything he touched, had his love prints. It carried his vibration of love.

Now, the bigger and the deeper and the stronger YOUR love is— the more powerful your love print is.

The Shroud of Turin

Have you ever heard of the Shroud of Turin? It’s LINEN. It’s literally the linen cloth that was wrapped about Jesus’s body in his tomb after he was crucified.

They keep it under super super heavy duty security in a cathedral in Italy. That cloth bears the image of a man.

The Catholic Church believes that this was Jesus’ Love print. They also believe that that cloth has magical healing powers.

Herod vs Christ

So how come someone who is super happy all the time— like King Herod— has no love print? And someone who is sad all the time— like Jesus— has a huge love print?

If we look at precious stones, the bottom is like coal. Then cement. Then like granite. Going towards the top are emeralds, rubies, and then finally diamonds.

The highest and hardest stone is the diamond. The one of the lowest and softest is coal.


Emotions also have refinement and value. The bottom of the emotional scale is guilt. Then, hate. Then, rage.

In the middle, you have contentment.

Towards the top, you have joy, love, meaning, enlightenment.

What’s interesting is that while Herod was happy— he left no love print. Hmmm.

While Jesus was sorrowful— he left a big love print. Hmmm.

You see, the more precious the stone, the more pressure has been applied to it. A diamond is just a piece of coal that underwent an extreme amount of pressure for many years.

And big love print is just sorrow that underwent an extreme amount of pressure— through service, caring for others, healing others, going unnoticed, yet still serving others.

Happy is great— but there’s not enough pressure there to grow a diamond.

Sorrow is pressure. A lot of pressure. It feels like hell, but that’s you becoming a diamond.

Your love print will last in this world long after you do.

Jesus’s Soulmate

Jesus’s soul mate was humanity. Being paired with humanity as his soulmate allowed him the most explosive growth.

I’m sure he would’ve preferred an easier life— but he wanted his love print to be eternal, forever young, so beautiful— it became his sacred heart.

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