What Exactly Is A Mama’s Boy? They Break The Rules!

What is a momma’s boy?

A momma’s boy is someone who loves their mommy no matter what. No matter what anyone says, they still have to go consult their mommy because she gets the last word.

Now, if you don’t have a mommy, you can still be a momma’s boy. If you’re a girl or nonbinary, you can still be a momma’s boy. As long as you have someone who is your mommy surrogate.

God is your divine mommy

Who is your earthly mommy? It can be your biological mommy or, if she’s not around, there are mommy surrogates. I have a couple mommy surrogates here on earth. Samantha is one. My aunty Gracie who died is another.

Mommy surrogates use their mommy powers to help you. Momma’s boys take full advantage of their mommy’s mommy powers. Momma’s boys can also be annoyingly cocky in a healthy way because their mommy always makes sure that they get an extra extra helping from the universe.

Momma’s boys also know that mommy’s gonna bend the rules just for them. I love how the rules apply—but not for Momma’s boys. Do you know the adage, “Rules are made to be broken?” Mommies invented that phrase to accommodate their child’s success.

This week, our goal is to be a momma’s boy or a momma’s girl or a nonbinary momma’s kid because God is our mommy who is going to bend or break the rules for us because she wants us to have success.

Then, Mommy God’s gonna have a big ole glass of wine and relax once her job is done.

When did you bend the rules for someone you loved? Or, when did someone bend the rules for you?

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