In a toxic relationship? Are you their Golden Calf?

Toxic Relationships

What if you’re with someone who doesn’t let you be who you are?

In other words, what if you’re with someone who wants you to be their “golden calf?”

When they first married you, you were perfect, you were this golden calf— and after several years, lo and behold, you started to look, act, and behave— as though you were human.

Are You Their Golden Calf?

What happened to the barbie doll I married? I didn’t sign up for this. I wanted perfect love, not true love.

I wanted someone who would never age, never change, never eat, never use the rest room. I wanted a golden calf. And you tricked me. Turns out, you’re a human being. And now, I’m pissed. I’m angry. And I want to punish you— for being a human being.

God knows how you feel.

Throughout history, everyone wants God to be perfect. To be their golden calf. No one wants God to be real, to have feelings, to have flaws and be moody.

God knows what it feels like to be betrayed because someone got into a relationship with you for the wrong reasons.

God had this 40 year relationship with the Israelites— where they kept pressing him to be their barbie doll— and when he wouldn’t, they broke up with him. God— who everyone says is “perfect”— really really failed in his relationship.

If you failed in your relationship and in your marriage— so did God.

And then he wrote it in a book and let people read about his failure for the next few thousand years. God didn’t write an autobiography about his perfect relationship. He wrote about how he failed terribly in his relationship.

He’s GOD. And he couldn’t make it work.

When someone wants perfect love with a perfect barbie doll— even God cannot fulfill that request.

True Love

Everything in the universe is designed to be true, which means it’s designed to be humane and human. Even God lives inside of his own design.

In our universe, the only possibility for love is true love.

The only way you can have true love is to be your true self.

Even God could not become a golden calf. He had to be his true self.

If you want to be like God, be your true self. Be authentically you.

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