Read What’s Written In Your Heart

It’s Written In Your Heart

Take a moment to let your loved one remember you. Do you each have a photo or memento of someone close you who has died?

If you don’t, no worries. Just write their name down in your journal. Whether you have a photo of them, a memento, or their name written in your journal— please hold it in your hand and look at it.

That object contains the vibration of this person who is remembering you now.

I’m sure they don’t remember you, at the age and the way you are right now. I’m sure they remember you from when you were younger. I’m sure that their best memory of you— you don’t even recall— it’s probably from a time when you can’t even remember being that carefree.

Close your eyes. Let that person remember you the way you were, and at the age you were— when they loved you the most.

Please write down how they remember you.

My Father Wrote Something In My Heart

My father remembers me as a four-year-old running towards him with my arms open for a hug, yelling, “Daddy!”

My father died in 1997.

Last year, my friend, Alex, was standing across the street. Suddenly, he opened his arms. Without thinking, I ran into his embrace and we hugged.

In that moment, I felt this feeling that was so old… like this hug was from 1978 when I was 4 years old— and it felt so familiar, so comforting. It was a hug from my dad. He had waited all these years for someone who could stand-in for him and give me my daddy hug.

Your loved one remembers you— the way you were when they loved you the most. They send you situations and people to remind you that you are still that person.

In the library of my heart, my father has written, “You will always be as open to love as you were when you were 4 years old. Big hug, your father.

In your journal, write down what your loved one has written in the library of your heart.

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