Deceased Son’s Spirit Visits His Mom At Home Depot

A Mother’s Deceased Son

A few years ago, a mother came to me whose son had died from completing his life early. Another word for that is suicide.

We met at a support group where I was counseling bereaved parents. I knew nothing about her son— she only told me his name. As soon as she said his name, I saw him. I described to her what her son looked like— that he was in his 30s, bald and stocky and wore a white wife-beater tank top with boxer shorts.

She was extremely nervous, covered her mouth and said, “How do you know what he looks like and how do you know what he was wearing when he died?”

I replied, “He’s right here in the room with us. I’m a pastor, I talk to dead people.”

She said, “Tell him I miss him so much. I just want to hug him one more time.”

I said, “Ok. His soul is actually in the room with us, you can just— he can hear you.”

She said, “Does he have a message for me?

Son’s Spirit at Home Depot

I said, “He wants you to go to Home Depot.”

For the next year, this woman went to Home Depot. Bald, stocky men in white wife-beater tank tops who were in their 30s would come up to her, help her carry her stuff to her car, they kept wanting to chat with her and hug her.

Her son sent his lookalikes— men who looked like him and dressed like him— to hug his mom.

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