The Library of your Heart

God Is An Artist

As we saw last week, God is an artist. We are his creations, his works of art.

You can think of the human race as God’s art gallery, where he keeps all of his artwork. Besides an art gallery, he also has cosmic wisdom that is kept in a sacred ancient library. This sacred ancient library contains the stories of everyone who has loved you, throughout all of your incarnations.

Those who have loved you when you were an infant, which includes trees that your tiny fingers touched when you were a baby, the grass that felt your toes walk across it, the wind that blew across your forehead, the flowers that caught your tears when you were heartbroken. The night stars that you revealed your wishes to.

You were loved into being.

God caressed you with the sun. God used every being in creation to touch you, to comfort you, listen to you. The stories of all these threads of love that weave the universe together are archived in this sacred library.

The Library of Your Heart

And that library is kept in a sacred vault— your heart. Today, your heart will remember those who loved you and still love you… into being.

Many people have talked about this library of love that exists within you— mystics, philosophers, shaman. Today, we will read one of the scriptures in your heart which is preserved and remembered by someone who has crossed into the Light— your loved one who passed away.

When someone we love dies, we have a funeral to remember their life. In heaven, they do the opposite. Those who have died remember those who are living. Your loved ones who have died… remember you.

Your loved ones remember you.

They are keeping you alive today through their living memory of you. They remember you as vibrant, laughing, funny. They remember you as brave and full of hope.

When they were alive, maybe they fought with you, or treated you badly— but upon their death— they suddenly merge with their divine form. Their human self merges, completely, with their divine self.

No matter how much negative energy or pain they experienced in their life— upon their death the fullness of their love is freed. It bursts forth like a river and flows freely. And they remember you.

They remember the love that you are— through the love that they are now that they are in heaven.

Today we are taking the time to remember those who have died and are still loving us into being, each and every day that we are alive.

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