How To Write a Love Letter to Your Soulmate

Writing A Love Letter To Your Soulmate

Now we are going to write Valentine’s Day cards. We’re going to write a love letter to our soulmate. Then, from our soulmates back to us.

STEP 1: We are going to be very general. I want you to think about a time when you fell in love—

Do you remember that person?

Do you see them in your mind?

Now, write down what was so wonderful about how they were, how they treated you, how they made you feel, what they did for you…

Put in the form of “Dear _________, thank you for _________________. I love how you____________.

Here’s an example. “Dear Dragon, thank you for riding your motorcycle to my house and looking up at me from the street while I stood on my balcony. You made me feel beautiful that day… and desired. I love how you smiled when I opened the door.”

It doesn’t matter if that relationship ended badly. What we are practicing is to appreciate all the mates you match with. Basically, I’m not writing a Valentine’s Day Card to this one person, I’m writing a Valentine’s day card to MEN.

If you mate with women, you write a Valentine’s card to WOMEN.

If you mate with nonbinary or trans partners, you’re sending all of them— a big hug, and a kiss and a thank you for desiring you.

You’re igniting romance in your aura.

My classmate once told me, “I don’t trust men.” And I told her, “I love men. Men have always been good to me. Men support me.”

Writing our Valentine’s Day cards to the whole entire male or female or nonbinary or trans species is changing our energy and our soul contract with all our beloveds— past present and future. It’s telling them that, “You’re wanted. And YOU want me.”

Who You Want To Attract

STEP 2: Who do you want to attract? Who is your soulmate?

For example, Sofia should not try to attract Mr. Perfect, a therapist who goes to bed by 9 pm. Her soulmate is an explorer with limitless horizons.

For me, my soulmate is a monster or a beast or a dragon.

Sam’s soulmates are magical creatures and beings from mythical dimensions.

Mary’s soulmate is a money magnet who can teach her how to invest in stocks.

Your Soulmate’s Letter To You

STEP 3: Now your soulmate is going to write a love letter back to you.

For example, Mary’s money magnet is going to write, “Mary, I would LUV to teach you about investing in stocks. I have been looking my whole life for a short round Asian grandmother— to leave my wisdom and knowledge to. You’re the perfect person for me to teach. Together, we will be filthy dirty, completely greased up and smothered in cash. Gurl, where have you been— ma whole life???”

Now write your soulmate’s card to you. They’re looking exactly for you. No one else.

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