Four Action Steps to Love Your Life

Why I Am Here

Since I’m a pastor, a lot of people feel safe to confide in me that they’re suicidal. They ask me all the time, “Why did I choose to come to earth and be born?”

I guess the answer to that is, “Because you get to be you. Incarnating into a body is your chance where you get to be you. You know, when you’re in spirit form— it’s great, you can fly, you can merge with a butterfly or a bumble bee or a star or the universe— you’re everything. You’re omnipotent. But when you get a life, here on earth, you get to focus on just being you. You’re not a star or a thunderstorm. You’re just you.”

They say, “I don’t want to be me.”

And I look at them and I’m no one to say these words, but if I allow God to speak through me, I say to them, “You will… when you love your life.”

They ask me, “How do I love my life?”

Four Actions To Love Your Life

I tell them—

1. Get a pet

Get a pet. Pets know exactly how to teach you to love your life.

2. Garden

Garden. The earth knows how to teach you to love it, and therefore how to love yourself.

3. Volunteer

Volunteer. When you help someone else learn how to love their life, you begin to love your own life.

4. Attend Hale Ho’onani

Attend our church Hale Ho’onani and be in the presence of people who already love their life. It will rub off on you and you will eventually heal from your past.

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