Single on Valentine’s Day? Find Your Soulmate

Find Your Soulmate Being Single

Let’s talk about those of us who are single this Valentine’s Day. Last week, during the prayer, Samantha felt something drop into her hand. It felt like a stone. She heard the words, “Soul mate” — in hawaiian, pilialoha.

The divine spoke to her saying, “Your soul is your mate.”

Your soul is the spark of God— within yourself— that you are yearning for. When you co-create with your soul, you feel inspired, you feel magical— because you are co-creating with God.

When you co-create with God, the vibration that you emanate is so finely-tuned… that everyone who comes into contact with you is enlightened and moved to some profound aspect within their own nature which effects the collective.

When you are in love with your own soul, co-creating with God— you move all of humanity forward.

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