My Soulmates Are Monsters

My Space of Love Is A Death Wish

Now I will share with you my space of love. It is underground. You must go through a tunnel to get there.

When you enter, it is red velvet and it’s pulsating, soft like memory foam and dark. As soon as you get into the tunnel, you’re hypnotized.

You lose all sense of who you once were… and as soon as you enter into the she-cave of the goddess… she transforms you.

She destroys your soul and burns it to ashes. From those ashes, she re-creates you into a phoenix— and you emerge, reborn.

It’s traumatic to enter my space of love. It’s essentially a death wish.

My Beloved Soulmates

The soulmates I attract are men who are not afraid to die. Assassins, soldiers and warlords.

In other words, my soulmates are monsters.

They’re the men that women cannot love— only another monster, like me, can love them.

Just like the puffer fish whose body is covered in knives— the blades of my swords become soft silk ribbons with which I use to strangle my prey. I do not apologize for the way that I am.

God created the puffer fish. God created me.

I think that God created each of our spaces of love unique to us— to our soul’s DNA— so that even the most deeply flawed beings in this world— even the monsters— are loved in the truest way.

Your soul mate brings out the truth of who you are.

My soulmate brings out the truth of who I am— a ruthless volcano who transforms the souls of men with my lava.

I am not marriage material. That is not the truth of who I am. I could never experience true love without my truth.

I can have perfect love with a perfect man in a perfect home. But it will never be true— until I find the monster that allows me to unleash my inner goddess. I slay dragons for a living.

Only a dragon will make me feel truly alive.

Please write this in your journal: I can never experience true love without my truth.

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