Soulmates. Why Can’t You Have a Normal Relationship?

Why Can’t You Have a Normal Relationship?

Everyone is going to ask you why you can’t have a “normal” relationship. Each of us has inside of our soul— a space of love for our beloved. Each space of love attracts a certain type of beloved into our lives. When I say beloved, I also mean soulmate.

Soulmates can be romantic partners. They can also be non-romantic partners. But they are always very significant people in your life.

Sam + Mary

Sam’s space of love looked like a comforting and welcoming home. Her soulmates over the years have been wandering pilgrims. Who have just completed one big phase of their life— and need a place to reflect, rest, and recover— before they continue onto the next phase of their journey and soul’s growth.

Mary’s space of love is a bank. It’s full of cash. And it’s kept safe inside the walls of a bank. So it’s secure. She’s had numerous business people in her life— who came and went— and many of them were stoked, because in her space of love— they all made money.


Sofia’s space of love is the wild sea. Her soulmate isn’t a therapist who goes to bed by 9 pm every night. Her soulmate is a man who can navigate a storm by starlight. A man who doesn’t want Martha Stewart. He doesn’t want an apple turnover. He wants to sail the sexy seas and adventure into the unknown. He doesn’t want a woman with matching oven mitts. He wants a woman who’s shirt is torn from lashing down the sails. A woman who is the sea— who can match his mountain. He would want nothing less than the stormiest storm to bring out the bravest bravery within himself.

Your soulmate brings out the truth of who you are.

His truth— he is an explorer— brings out her truth— she is as wild as the sea.

She thinks her space of love is too stormy for any normal man to settle down with. But her soulmate is not a normal man. He doesn’t settle. He sets sail.

Why You Can’t Have A Normal Love-life

I say this because everyone in the world, is going to ask you why you can’t have a normal relationship— Why can’t you just date a dentist? Or a CPA? Why do you have to be the underground railroad— like Sam— who has this sanctuary in the middle of the city where people who in the midst of their pilgrimage— can rest their weary bones?

It’s like if you were a Frodo Baggins— carrying the one ring who rules them all— on your way to Mount Doom in Mordor— you’d stop at Sam’s house halfway there to rest. Her soulmates are hobbits and Harriet Tubman. Freedom fighters who change history and beings from other dimensions.

People in this world are going to ask you why you can’t have a normal love life? Why do you have to have the love story of the century?

The answer is: because that’s not how God designed us.

If you look at nature— its extremely complex and yet— everything in nature has an equally complex partner that mates with it.

Like the puffer fish. This fish has so many spikes, it’s so spikey— who is gonna mate with this fish? Who is going to mate with someone who can stab you in the process? If I were a professional matchmaker, I would tell God, “I don’t know if this girl can find a boyfriend because she has knives coming out of her whole body.”

Yet look what God did. He made her use her knives as paintbrushes. The female puffer fish draws crop circles in the sand with her spikes that mesmerizes the male fish— and makes him land inside those circles to fertilize her eggs.

Her spikes that stab and slice— become soft and as silky as the sand— and what was her murder weapon becomes her co-creative artistry.

God didn’t make us generic. And he didn’t make our love generic.

If we look at nature— it’s obvious— that God has style.

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