True Love Is Not an Answer, It’s a Question!

Perfect Love

Last week we talked about perfect love— perfect love can only happen between two imperfect people. They have to fit together like yin and yang.

Like lemons, baby, it’s not perfect— until you find your sugar, and then you become lemonade!

Like rain, baby, it’s not perfect— until you find your sunshine, and then you become a rainbow!

Like the morning star is not visible in the sky— until you find your darkness that comes before the dawn.

Your beauty cannot be seen until someone wipes the night sky black— so that people can see you sparkle.

Your beauty cannot be heard until someone shushes civilization— and allows your voice to echo in the canyon of silence.

Your beauty cannot be tasted until there is something or someone who clears the palette of humanity— and prepares it to taste your soul.

This is the month of love and today we are celebrating partnership.

Perfect love is not the same as true love.

True Love

Perfect is plastic. It never changes, never ages, never gets fat, never decomposes.

True is like the sky. You may never touch the sky, but it is there to inspire you to fly.

Every day it changes from sunrise to clouds, to midday sun, to twilight, to thunder, to lightening, to the harvest moon. It is ancient and yet new everyday. The older it is, the younger it is. What is true, is ever changing and yet eternal.

What I’m saying is this: Perfect is one flat thing. Or two of the same identical plastic clones.

True is deep. It holds within it two extreme opposite contradictory forces that play with one another in this cosmic dance.

Perfect love is, “Nope. I never change. I’m always the same. Because I was manufactured in a factory.”

True love is, “I’m the reason you live and the reason you die, because I’m worth living for and I’m also worth dying for.”

It’s like, “Oh! What danger is this, what salvation is this, what mythical creature is this thing— true love?”

Everyone wants perfect love— because they want to find “the one”— the answer to all their problems and questions.

Perfect love is I finally found “the one,” my answer.

True love is not an answer. It’s an exploration that awakens you to a million possibilities.

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