What Are Your Loveprints?

Introduction to Loveprints

Two weeks ago, we talked about your Space of Love which is unique to you and only you. The type of space of love that you create attracts to you a specific type of soulmate— who is your true match. That is why your space of love brings you true love.

True love comes from your truth.

It doesn’t come when you’re faking it or compromising just a little bit to make ends meet. It can only come when you are being authentic and true to yourself.

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Loveprint of Trees

Your truth is as unique to you as your footprint— that’s why they stamp your foot on your birth certificate— because no other baby in the whole wide world has your same footprint.

Just like your footprint, or your fingerprint— you have a loveprint that is unique to you. No one else in the whole world, has the same loveprint as you. Both your Space of Love and your loveprint is as unique to you as your footprint.

Detectives can go into a room and with forensics, they can detect fingerprints and footprints all over the room. In the same way, there is a science of love— that is now proven— that you can detect who has loved you and who hasn’t loved you— throughout your life. That love is written all over you.

There is a book called The Hidden Life of Trees written by Peter Wohlleben, that shows us that all the trees in the world are connected underground, by weaving their roots together. It’s called the mycelium network— and just like the internet— trees can send messages to other trees all around the world— just through their roots.

If you cut the root of a tree, you can see evidence of them being fed and nurtured from trees miles and miles away. The love print of trees that they have never met are inside their roots.

Every tree, bird and moonbear— that sleeps in their branches at night— leaves a loveprint and makes that tree who it is.

Mr. Rogers would always say to remember all the people who have loved you into being. In other words, take a moment, to see and feel— all the love prints of others— who have loved you into being.

Love Print

When you love someone, you leave your “love print” on them. Like how you can leave your fingerprints all over someone, you can leave your loveprint all over someone. Long after you are gone, there is evidence that you loved them; spiritual evidence that you loved them— and you were here, in their lives.

So that’s a love print.

As you prance around this earth, you’re leaving love prints everywhere you go. For example, if we looked at the people at Catherine’s church, we would probably see her love prints all over them—

Op! There’s another one of her love prints!

Some people— like Catherine— everywhere they go they leave a love print.

Other people— go everywhere and you know what? They don’t leave no love prints.

I guess they just came, enjoyed, went— and they didn’t love anybody that entire time because after they left— they didn’t leave any love prints.


You know what we call that in Hawai’i? Obake— A ghost. Someone who has no soul, because they just don’t love hard enough, they don’t love long enough, or they even don’t bother TO love. In Hawaii, we have lots of obake, lots of ghosts.

Sometimes you are in the forest and you get a cold shiver— just an ice cold feeling. You call up your friend and say, “I think a ghost just walked by me.” The way you know if it was a ghost is when they walked on by— did they leave any footprints?

Because a real person would leave footprints. A ghost doesn’t leave footprints.

Someone who is in touch with their soul— or the spark of divinity within them— always leaves a LUV print just like footprints— you can see their tracks of love on everything and everyone they leave behind.

Ghosts, don’t have love prints.

Mm-mm. What a shame. To go through your whole life with no luv prints. Sad. Very sad.

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