How do you say “footprint” in Hawai’ian?

Kapua’i – Hawaiian Word of the Week

Kapuaʻi means “footprint.”

It also means paw prints, anything that leaves a track of where you’ve been. People know that you’ve been there because they can see your footprints.

Sign Language (ASL)

You go donk-donk, one tap each hand. [see video]

Ancient Prayer

An ancient Hawaiian prayer says that God… walks as a god, and walks as a man.

In Hawaiian, the translation for god walks as a god is…

he kapuaʻi akua

Akua means “God.”

Kapua’i akua— means a footprint of a god.

So if you have the footprint of a god— that means we know that you are a god BY YOUR FOOTPRINT.

In Hawaiian, the translation for God walks as a man is…

he kapuaʻi kanaka

Kanaka means “common person.”

He kapua’i means the footprint of a common person. We know that you are a commoner or a regular Joe, because you left a foot print of a regular person.

If you walked by here, we know you were here and we know who you are— by your footprint.

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