The Power Within Jesus Awakened

How Jesus prays

Now, I’d like to talk about the second way of praying— with courage.

Last week, we talked about how Jesus never apologized for being a tiger. When he prayed, he pounced on the blessing as soon as it showed up. He was like, “I just fed 4,000 people, bitch!”

The Pharisees, who were the privileged people of that time— were like, “Oh but you’re god so it’s easy, right?”

He was like, “Heck no, it was not easy. It was not easy. First of all, because I’m God and I’m human, I can feel everyone’s hunger. We have babies out there in the crowd. I had to feel every single one of those 4,000 people’s hunger in their bellies, in their chests. If it were easy, I would have fed them 3 days ago or 2 days ago. It took this long because I had to figure it out. I had to feel their hunger and let it build up in me for 3 days— in order to awaken my inner tiger.

My fierceness was asleep inside of me. I had to awaken it. I had to wake up my tiger.”

The disciples were probably praying earlier, saying, “God, please give us fish. Please give us bread. Please give us something!” But their prayers weren’t working. They came up to Jesus, I’m sure, asking for bread at the end of Day 1 and asked for bread again on Day 2 and finally on Day 3, they said, “Master! You’re people are starving!!!”

Jesus had to channel all that hunger, all that thirst and pain of starvation— into himself— to awaken his inner tiger. When he finally did, that is when his prayer worked. He grabbed those 7 loaves of bread out of that little boy’s hand and started breaking it.

Sometimes you have to wait for the power within you to be awakened.

You don’t just pray. You have to activate the power within you— to pray with all of your courage, your fierceness, and your focus. You, yourself, can’t pray. Your tiger has to pray for you. Your tiger knows how to hunt. It can see in the dark, it can sense when and where the blessing is coming from— because it’s in tune with the silence.

Jesus was still learning. This was early in his ministry. He was still learning how to pray. He didn’t know that— you don’t just snap your fingers and you get bread. You gotta want it, honey, from your guts, you gotta use your tiger and be fierce— to manifest bread.

All of this, was preparing him for his moment— of resurrection. He was channeling his hunger mixed with the hunger of the people for a savior— his want, his desire, into focused powerful concentration. He manifested bread for the mouth this time. Next time, he was going to manifest the bread of life.

He knew that he just had to figure out the mechanics of praying. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it wasn’t. But there is an inner engineering to praying. Meaning, you call on your tiger when you need it.

To feed 4,000 people— Jesus didn’t know he needed his tiger— until he did. He found it in that moment.

Later, when the Pharisees were mocking him, they were saying, “Hey, can you get us… ummmm… Jesus—” They were hailing him like they were hailing a taxi— “Jesus…. Can you get us 4,000 donuts please?”

Jesus looked at them and replied, “Do I look like Dunkin Donuts to you or am I the son of God?”

Exactly. Your inner tiger does not let people take what you do for granted. Jesus looked back at them and said, “I just fed 4,000 people with 7 loaves of bread. I’m a bad ass, bitch.”

That kind of miracle under his belt gave Jesus the bravado to call them out on their bs. He started just saying it to the Pharisees, “You are white-washed tombs. You are pretty on the outside, but a rotting corpse on the inside.”

The Pharisees were like, “Oh no he didn’t!!! He did NOT just say that!” They were group texting all their friends.

He was like, “I just fed 4,000 people with 7 loaves of bread, bitch. I can say whatever the heaven I want.”

This was the start of Jesus’s confidence, where he began to really know that he’s not just a gentle Shepard tending to his flock— he can also run with the wolves. In fact, he’s not always sheltering people from the storm— sometimes He is the storm.

He was so ready by the time he was crucified to take on the world and take over the world— he knew his heart, his tiger’s heart, could conquer the hate in the world with its courage. His attitude was, “Crucify me. I’m just gonna resurrect my ass all over the place. You kill me, you turn me a hero— for all of humanity to worship. Bring it on, babe. Make me famous.”

He was building up to his grand finale. He was just playing with the loaves of bread. But his inner tiger— taught him how to play, by teaching him how to pray.

It’s fun to be powerful. Learn to enjoy it.

Learn to enjoy the pain— because pain is just a temporary process where you learn to wield your power on a greater and greater scale.

And every enemy who attacks you will only make you more and more powerful and famous because they’re just a pain in the ass, they’re just the process— you’re the prize.

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