Does God Pray? A True Story

How God the Father Prays

One time, God and I were trying to get something we really, really, really needed. We needed it bad.

My father was in the hospital dying of cancer. He was in excruciating pain. God and I were trying to get the nurses or the doctor to end his pain. To give him some peace, to stop his suffering. No one would help, because the medical establishment has all these protocols and rules they have to follow. So they just let him suffer.

I turned to God, who was sitting next to me in my father’s hospital room. I said, “My prayers are going nowhere. You pray— you’re God. You can pray better than me. Call the angels. Tell them to find a way to end my father’s pain.”

God looked at me. He stood up. And I thought that he was going to stretch his arms like Tony Robbins— and command the universe…

But he bent down and got on his knees.

I thought in my head, “This is how God creates a miracle.”

He does not command. He asks.

He asked permission for the world to allow him to change it, to make space for him… to have a little something for himself, so that he can give relief, to give peace to a man who is suffering.

He knew that this miracle would cause disturbance to others— to the giant corporations who make money off of my father’s suffering, to the drug companies and the medical conglomerates who get paid for every day he’s sick— and God knew that many people will make less profit if our prayer goes through.

So God began to ask… to ask them to make less profit… to ask them for a hall pass… and as he asked, it was like the seas parted and people began to move to the side— and they. Let. God. Pass.

God asked for permission to heal. He did not demand.

And then he looked at me, again, to show me— that power does not have to be powerful.

Power can be grace. An open door.

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