Prayer is Touching Someone’s Heart and Soul

The Miracle of Prayer

Last week, we talked a bit about miracles. About how Jesus had to get in touch with his inner tiger to get a miracle— because that particular miracle didn’t happen when he asked nicely. It happened when he asked fiercely.

Today, I want to talk about two different instances:

  • Once when I saw God praying. I witnessed him being very calm.
  • And in contrast to that, another time when Jesus was praying and he was being very courageous.

These two extremes— calmness on one hand and courage on the other— are both part of being confident.

Confidence = calmness + courage

Sometimes when we pray, we are gentle and kind. We’re not trying to bother nobody— we just want to get something done. Other times when we pray, we have to force it and be fierce— whatever is in the way needs to move out of the way— because our voice needs to be heard. We don’t always pray the same way, every time.

Prayer is powered by emotion

In many religious traditions, it is known that the more authentic your emotions are, the more divine forces will respond to your prayer.

I believe that prayer is not just words. Prayer is also your dance, it’s in your body. It’s the dream of your soul. Prayer is also your heart, especially your broken heart. Prayer is your song. Prayer is anything that can touch the heart and the soul of another living being on the planet.

Whenever you have touched someone’s heart or their soul— you have been practicing your purest form of prayer.

Right now, I’d like you to write down in your journal what is your form of prayer? Think back on when you touched someone else’s heart or their soul? Write that in your journal or share in the comments.

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