How God Rewrites Your Prayers

Your Prayer Book

Right now, you are going to write in your prayer book—


The first step is to write your prayer in your journal. Your prayer can be anything. It can be a “Hey, I have this problem.” It can be, “Hey, can you please send me this or that. Or help me with this…

I have cancer. I’m scared.”


The next step is to rewrite the prayer from God’s perspective. He usually starts with thanking you for having this desire… because of how this desire is benefiting your life.

Thank you for my fear. My fear is giving/teaching me________.

An Example

Let me show you an example. I write:

Give me a million dollars, all at once, not in small chunks over a 70 year period.

God rewrites my prayer as:

Thank you for my iron ambition and drive. I feel the fire in my body. This lust for wealth will keep me young-looking as I age.

I want the cash and God thanks the universe for my desire for cash— because that desire is benefiting me with a youthful appearance.

But I still want the cash. So I’m gonna try again. I rewrite the prayer:

Regardless of my looks, give me a million dollars all at once this year, tax-free. Thanks.

God rewrites it:

Thank you making me worth a million dollars in the eyes of a book publisher. With this confidence, I can bravely spend money on making myself look like a top-notch candidate who is worth their investment.

I still don’t get the cash. Do you see that? God is still focused on what the desire for cash is giving me— which is confidence.

I realize something. This will go on and on in my prayer book… until I make money something positive and not a negative. In my prayers, money is always something I don’t have— that I want.

God keeps changing it— in my prayer book— so that no matter how negative I state it he turns it to a positive.

The only way to reverse engineer my prayer book— is for me to see money as something I already have. So I change my prayer to:

Thank you for the $13 donation I got last week. What should I do with it?

God rewrites my prayer:

Show me the self-love I need to grow it into $13M.

Prayer Formula

Every prayer shows God: This is what I got.

God always responds: This is enough. You are enough.

He’s always happy about what you got. If you say, “I got cancer and I got fear.” God is like, “That’s the ticket— to knowing the actual and real value of your life.”

How God Rewrites Your Prayers

If you say, “I got a lamp shade and some junk in my yard but I wanna be a fashion model.”

God is like, “You got the lamp shade— that’s fashion. You got you— that’s the model!”

There’s this guy in Fiji who wears the junk that he has in his yard— as though we were wearing high fashion— because God told him it’s enough and he’s enough.

He doesn’t have an expensive evening gown. He has 17 million TikTok likes.

In other words, he might be praying for a dress.

But God rewrites his prayer— and turns it into 17 million people who love him more than they love his dress.

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