How to Pray to the Angel of Death

Using the Angel of Death to Send a Message

We’re going to do the math. For every person who is standing against you, how many people are standing for you?

Think of 1 hater. For Olivia Julianna, 1 hater equaled 19.2M likes.

For those of you who don’t have any external haters, think of the part of you that sometimes self-hates. And then think of all the billions of angels in heaven and your loved ones who’ve crossed over or the parts of yourself that believe in you, that know that you can.

For example, my prayer this morning was:

“God take from me what is not free, whatever I’m holding onto that keeps me from being a success.”

Why Wait? Activate!

What’s your math? Write down the hater or part of yourself that self-hates, and write the equivalent of the parts of yourself or the parts of heaven that are standing with you.

As you write, look at the voice of your hater. Who in your life does that sound like? Who told you that? Who said you couldn’t?

Notice that they might love you and you might love them and respect them, but sometimes you surpass your teacher.

Sometimes you’re better at your bosses job than your boss.

It’s okay to let them go and prove them wrong.

Write down the name of your hater voice, whether it’s a parent, a spouse or a pastor.

Then notice the voice of all those standing for you. What do they all have in common?

Was your hater someone who determined your pay? Your salary? Your rent? Your allowance? Your livelihood? Your primary means of survival?

Notice all the people that are standing with you. Why do they support you? Why do they like you so much?

Look at who’s rooting for you.

Hold up your prayer and say:

Why wait? Activate! Ho’oikaika!

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