Olivia Julianna Uses The Hate To Activate!

Olivia Julianna

Olivia Julianna’s a Texas teenager who spoke out after the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v Wade.

Matt Gaetz, the politician, tries to humiliate her by body shaming her. In a heart beat, all his hate— turns into her Money Date because Olivia decides to send a message!

Over and over, on TikTok, she’s sending her hater a message a day— which makes her go-fund-me campaign make $2.2M in less than a week.

Olivia’s message is this:

For every man who tells me that I can’t choose what happens to my body, here’s a dollar for every teenage girl in Texas who can.

The purpose of hate doesn’t have to be hate.

The purpose of hate for Olivia is change, as in dollars, not dimes. The purpose of Matt Gaetz’ hate is her money date.

Matt Gaetz thinks that all his hate will make her deflate.

She’s from a new generation. His hate makes her activate! To the tune of 19.2M likes on her TikTok post.

The Purpose of Hate

When someone hates you, they want you to shrink, shrivel up, go away.

The moment you see that the reason why they hate you— is the same reason why other people love you— you will realize that the real reason for their hate is for you to see and acknowledge the people in this world who love you.

Olivia didn’t know that there were 19M people who loved her.

She didn’t know until there was one 1 person who hated her.

The angels of death take all the people who hate you in the world— and you know what their job is?

To turn it around and use it to fuel all the people who love you in the world.

Don’t think of hate as a fire that burns you. Think of hate as a fire that fuels you— makes you activate!

Ho’oikaki— it gives you the passion to power your cause.

We don’t know how to use hate because we try to avoid it at all costs. It’s so toxic that we don’t want to touch it.

Well, put your Angel of Death gloves on, because today we are going to do a little spiritual chemistry— we are going to turn your haters into activators.

Hate is a Spotlight

Your hater shines a spotlight on you and shouts out, “Hey, look at this overweight girl talking about getting pregnant?”

The angels of death see that spotlight— and their job is not to turn off the spotlight shining on you. Their job is to turn UP the spotlight shining on you— so that everyone who sees an overweight teenager talking about getting pregnant likes her, follows her, and donates to her.

Then, Olivia Julianna holds up her prayer and says, “Why wait! Activate! Ho’oikaika!

Then, she looks at her gofundme and BAM — its $2M.

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