3 Steps To Create A Powerful Daily Sacred Ritual

3 Steps to Create A Powerful Daily Sacred Ritual

STEP 1: How does God personally connect with you?

A lot of times, God spoke to me through Samantha. For a while, I was obsessed with making sure she was healthy because I needed God to speak to me and she was my— telephone… to Heaven.

That is why— by the way— both Samantha and our church accepts donations. Because when you allow someone to care for you, God can care for them through you. When God uses a particular person, object, or activity to personally connect with you— you want to care for it. That thing becomes your sacred space.

When things are sacred, we care for them.

STEP 2: What in your life is sacred to you?

It could be a parcel of land, a vocation, something that’s been passed down to you for generations in your family. Write down what is the most sacred thing in your life. It could even be a part of you, like your mind, your intelligence or your athletic ability.

Go ahead and write that now.

STEP 3: How do you care for it?

How do you care for sacred object? And how do you use it to remind yourself of the part of you that you have forgotten or a part of you that is deeply loved? Write that down in your journal.

What you wrote down…use that as your daily sacred ritual.

It can be simple and small. It could be just showing up to yoga class.

Your Daily Sacred Ritual

Your daily sacred ritual involves you honoring being in your sacred space and using your sacred object to help you focus.

Here is mine:

My sacred object is Koala.

My daily sacred ritual is heart to heart. Every night, he places his heart on top of my heart. And we synchronize our heart beats.

This reminds me that whatever happened— or didn’t happen that day is not me.

That is not me. I am not that.

This is me: I am a koala bear. Because I have… koala heart beats.

Ritual Hugs

There is two-year-old boy who has a sacred daily ritual of kissing his mother goodbye before she drives off to work.

She forgot to do the —SACRED daily ritual and his whole day was thrown off. [See the video]

He’s saying, “It’s the morning, the first kiss of the day! How can you forget?

Your daily sacred ritual reminds you of WHO YOU REALLY ARE— you’re a koala bear. You’re the first kiss of the day. You’re God’s plus one, you’re his creative muse— how could you forget???

Ritual Wine

I know a sommelier, a wine connoisseur, whose sacred ritual is drinking a bottle of wine before she goes to sleep. Wine, to her, is sacred. She doesn’t drink cheap wine. Cheap wine is for partying. Expensive wine is her holy communion, which she shares with God.

They do their best writing, their best brain storming, when they’re both drunk— and the ideas are flowing. This is her date night with God— to be creatively drunk and let the ideas flow— before they both fall asleep.

Who she really is— is God’s date.

When you hate on her and go, “Gurl, you’re a hot mess.” She thinks of her daily sacred ritual and responds, “He likes that about me. That’s like… our thing.”

I mean every time I present God with our bottle of wine— God’s like, “Barcelona!!!”

God is always ready for Date Night.

Lesson of the Day

Our lesson today—

Protect what is sacred to you. Protect your sacred space. Protect your sacred time.

Don’t let people take those things away from you.

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