Prayer for People in The Ukraine War

A Meditation, A Prayer For Ukraine

Play the video for this meditative prayer for people in Ukraine.

Without thinking about it, your soul will bring up a scene in your mind, like watching a movie… of a time when you lost control over your life.

When you were evicted from your home—

When you lost your job—

When your loved one was diagnosed with an illness—

Do you remember how that feels— to lose control over your life?

Right now you are feeling just a little bit of how the people in Ukraine feel. Right here, in this moment, is your moment of solidarity with them— when you feel what they feel…

Now from that place of solidarity, breathe in the light of God, breathe it in.

Fill yourself up with the light of God.

See the people of Ukraine in your mind… and see also, a path before them filled with God’s light.

Keep breathing in this light— and notice how you feel as you breathe in this light.

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