How do you say “worthy” in Hawai’ian?


Our Hawaiian word of the week is “Kupono,” which means “worthy.” Say that with me, Ku-po-no.

Pono means to make right or balanced.

American Sign Language for Kupono

The way that you sign it in American Sign Language is you make the feathers with your three fingers. Put them low and bring them up in a circle to meet each other.


Bible verse

My refuge is in God, who saves the worthy in heart.

—Psalms 7:10

Psalms 7:10 In Hawaiian

O ko’u paku, aia no i ke Akua, Nana i hoola ka poe naau kupono.

My refuge is in God.

O ko’u — ko’u means —”My”

“Paku” is shield.

“Aia no —means “in” — i ke Akua— means “of God.”

All together that is, “o ko’u paku”— my shield—

Aia no i ke akua — in and of God—

Who saves the worthy in heart.

Nana I Ho’ola

Nana means to gaze at or look at carefully.

ho’ola— ola means life,

And hoola means to keep safe— the life.

Nana i ho’ola— means to watch carefully and protect.

Worthy in heart is—

Ka poe naau

Naau is another word for heart, but what it really means is “gut feeling.”

The naau— the heart of something or the gut feeling.

Then, kupono we just learned is worthy—

So when we have na’au kupono— we have worthiness that we feel in our gut and in the heart of who we are.

Na’au kupono.

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